Submission to the Greater Sydney Commission

In October of 2017, the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) released the Draft Sydney
Region Plan as well as the individual Revised Draft District plans. The Draft District Plans
connect metropolitan planning with local planning, and comprise of aspirations and
proposals that will inform planning across Greater Sydney towards a 2056 target year.
Ten directions and planning priorities guide planning towards 2056 with objectives and
metrics to support these directions. These directions and priorities are consistent across
the Greater Sydney Region Plan and the individual Districts. These ten Directions and
Priorities have been grouped in to four theme areas, being:

Infrastructure and Collaboration
˃ A City Supported by Infrastructure
˃ A Collaborative City

˃ A City for People
˃ Housing the City
˃ A City of Great Places

˃ A Well-Connected City
˃ Jobs abd SKills for the City

˃ A City in its Landscape
˃ An Efficient City
˃ A Resilient City

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