Submission to Australian Government Department of Social Services

Western Sydney Community Forum (WSCF) works to build strong, organised communities by bridging the divide between communities and policymakers at the local, regional, state and national levels. Western Sydney Community Forum employs two transport development officers who work closely with WSCF’s two HACC development officers. The Regional Transport Development Workers are also networked with Community Transport groups across Greater Western Sydney.

As the regional peak organisation for the Community Sector in Greater Western Sydney, WSCF ensures a voice for people working daily with the challenges facing the region, connecting those too often left out, through advocacy and capacity building. The Forum’s feedback in this submission essentially places the transport consumer’s perspective as central to the community transport fare setting process.

Given that in NSW community transport is becoming part of the broader transport network, especially for transport disadvantaged communities, ( and in rural areas may be the only form of transport available) how community transport is priced will also impact on consumers who are using alternative modes of transport.

The ‘interests of consumers’ may be interpreted in this submission to mean the lowest possible fares in light of an increased quality of service and increased diversity and scope in community transport.

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