Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Review of Public Transport Fares

Western Sydney Community Forum (WSCF) welcomes the opportunity to comment on IPART’s review of the fare structure of public transport in NSW.
Since 1993 WSCF has been actively involved in addressing transport disadvantage in Western Sydney. In recent years WSCF have:

  • Partnered with Western Sydney University to undertake a research project ‘Estimating Transport Disadvantage and Unmet Transport Need’ on behalf of Transport for NSW;
  • Launched ‘What a Difference a Ride Makes,’ a collection of stories that illustrate the value of providing mobility options to people at risk of social exclusion;
  • Worked in partnership with the Rural Transport Access Service;
  • Regularly contributed to the MetWest Community Transport Network;
  • Regularly contributed to the Macarthur Transport Working Group.
  • Published compelling transport stories from people in Western Sydney in “What a difference a ride makes”
  • Lodged submission and recommendations in response to the More Efficient, More Integrated Opal Fares Draft Report February 2016
  • Published Build Beyond Bricks: A Reasonable Journey which outlined transport policy framework for Western Sydney

This submission is informed by our research and ongoing work with our membership and partners.

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