Community Corporate Engagement – A Toolkit to get a Corporate Partner

This toolkit is designed as a guide for not-for-profit (NFP) organisations to strategically engage with corporations and businesses. It promotes building both effective and mutually beneficial community-corporate relationships. To achieve this end, the toolkit provides background information about the current movement towards strategic corporate engagement. Examples are given of how this translates to the types and styles of community support provided by corporations.

Tips about how to engage with a potential corporate partner are also provided. These strategies encompass more than just replicating the languages and approaches of the corporate sector. Rather, NFPs can use this resource to better understand the different ways corporations engage with the community sector and select an approach that is most appropriate for them. The final section identifies some principle types of cross sector collaborations that can be found in Australia along with some further resources and tools.

It is important to emphasise that there is no “best practice” method in terms of corporate engagement, nor is there one single or universal clear-cut way of forming and maintaining partnerships. Rather, this document is designed to both inform readers and equip them with the ability to identify partnership types and strategies that fit with their unique capacities, contexts and needs.

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