City of Parramatta Council Draft Delivery Program 2017-2021 & Operational Plan 2020-2021

On 29 May 2020, City of Parramatta Council released its Draft Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget 2020/2021. The document outlines actions and targets, budget, capital works and rates, fees and charges. The City of Parramatta is set to more than double in its population by 2041. Given the development and growth of Parramatta, as well as its already significant population, a strong program needs to be put in place to ensure equity and access is built so that communities feel connected and thrive, especially under current circumstances.

Given the nature of the whole of city impact the Delivery and Operational Plan has, Western Sydney Community Forum (WSCF) sought to work with local place-based services to put forward recommendations that ensure the communities of Parramatta are safe, healthy and engaged across all levels of the community. Our partners for this submission are Parramatta Mission, Youth Action and Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC). In addition to our partners, WSCF has also consulted with Youth Action, the peak body for young people and youth services in NSW and advocates for authentic youth participation considering the demographics of the Parramatta LGA. We would collectively like to thank Council, our members, and partners in providing an opportunity to come together to comment on Council plans and look forward to future opportunities to engage with Council.

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