Ten Minutes with Natasha Lay

ZEST Ambassador and Youth  Action’s Western Sydney Coordinator takes a moment to share the highlights of her year and her perspective on Western Sydney’s amazing young people. 2017 has been an epic year! Highlights would have to include the What’s Up West event we held for young community change makers just recently, at Western Sydney University in November. It was a huge event: we brought together hundreds of young people aged between 12 and 25 with the aim to inspire, empower and equip them to be active leaders in their communities. With Western Sydney’s incredible growth right now there is a significant amount of change happening extremely fast - but the decisions that are being made in the region don’t always engage young people. We want to make sure they are involved and empowered to create and contribute to change. Youth Action is now supporting those young people to be active community advocates.

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Federal government announcement of new “welfare investment approach” and $96 million towards new ideas

On Tuesday 20 September 2016, the Federal Government announced a new investment approach to welfare. The Government states that the new approach seeks to improve outcomes for people who experience disadvantage and are reliant on income support, as well as address the increasing costs of the income support system.

Termed the Australian Priority Investment Approach, it

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Darug Language and Culture Class

“Language is to empower because it is to communicate” (J Tobin 2016, Darug Language and Culture Class, 30 August). The Darug Language and Culture Class is beneficial for learning the reality about Australian history from an Aboriginal perspective and working in collaboration to share that knowledge with others.

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Rights Talk: Meet the new Commissioners

The Rights Talks held by the Australian Human Rights Commission are a chance to discuss human rights issues. As human rights and social justice underlie the work of the community sector, it is important to be aware of current concerns and what position the commission will take in addressing such concerns.

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Proposed changes to NSW planning legislation and their impact on communities in Greater Western Sydney

The State Government is proposing changes to the planning system in NSW by updating the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (NSW) 1979

The objectives of the update is to:

  1. Create a simpler, faster, and more inclusive assessment process;
  2. Increase community confidence; and
  3. Create an orderly and balanced architecture for decision making

Western Sydney Community Forum (WSCF) have

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FACS Reforms: 5 Things You Need to Know

What kind of services will these reforms effect?

The scope of the TEIP reforms is broad, spanning across nine different funding streams. As a result a wide range of services will be effected. The nine funding streams under review as part of the reform are:

  • Families NSW
  • Aboriginal Child Youth and Family Strategy (ACYFS)
  • Positive Parenting
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Frameworks that FACS are exploring and that you should know about

The changing landscape being experienced across all levels in the community services sector, was the focal point of discussion at the recent LCSA conference attended by WSCF staff.

Maree Walk (Chief Executive of Community Services (FACS), presented a brief outline of the changes also occurring within the Department and referred to the new working frameworks being

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