Aged Care Roadmap

In April 2015, the Australian Government tasked the Aged Care Sector Committee with developing a roadmap that sets out future reform directions for aged care.  This Roadmap has just been released and it outlines the Committee’s views on “what is required to realise a sustainable, consumer-led aged care market, where consumers have increased choice and

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DSS announces extension of current HACC contracts

The Commonwealth Department of Social Services (DSS) updated its website on 18 December 2014. The update announced the extension of current funding for HACC services, with time variations for certain service types.

This is much-awaited and welcome news, as the HACC sector prepares to transition to the new Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) by June 2015.

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2015 Federal Budget: An Initial Look at What’s in Store for Community Care

With the 2015 federal budget officially announced today, Minister of Social Services Scott Morrison and Assistant Minister Mitch Fifield issued media releases that give us a more or less clearer glimpse of government’s additional (broad) plans for the future.

The two separate media releases outline the breakdown of budget and plans for three key community care

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