NAIDOC 2018: ‘Because of Her, We Can!’

The 2018 NAIDOC week theme focuses on the essential role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women play as leaders and change makers - in families, communities, across industries - and the way this continues to define and inform Australian history and culture. The experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in Australia is unique: striving against social, systemic barriers and marginalisation, surviving effects of intergenerational trauma, whilst achieving a powerful sense of identity as well as distinctive, far-reaching impacts on local and global politics, planning and culture.

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Reconciliation Week 2018: May 28-June 3

'Don't Keep History A Mystery' is this year's National Reconciliation Week (NRW) theme. From 27 May to 3 June, NRW explores the facts about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, achievements and cultures - encouraging individuals to consider: what it is you do not currently know, about our shared national history?

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Census Data 2016

The first of the 2016 census data has just arrived, and overall there have been some interesting changes to Australia since the 2011 census. Across Australia we are experiencing a boom in overseas migration while experiencing a reduction in religious identification. WSCF has compiled a database that may have an impact on Greater Western Sydney especially given their implications in affecting the future growth and development of this vibrant region.

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Reconciliation Action Plan Update

On 3rd of March 2015, WSCF launched its Innovation Reconciliation Action Plan 2015 to 2017.  The development of the RAP was championed internally by WSCF’s former Executive Officer, Mary Waterford, and supported by our RAP Working Party.   Consultations with the development of the RAP took place with Graham Davis King, Baabayn Women Elders, and Steven

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Darug Language and Culture Class

“Language is to empower because it is to communicate” (J Tobin 2016, Darug Language and Culture Class, 30 August). The Darug Language and Culture Class is beneficial for learning the reality about Australian history from an Aboriginal perspective and working in collaboration to share that knowledge with others.

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Aboriginal Centre for Excellence – Western Sydney

In March 2015 the Baird Government made a commitment of $20 million for the establishment of an Aboriginal Centre for Excellence (ACE) in Western Sydney.

Western Sydney has the largest Aboriginal population in Australia and is also an area of significant population and economic growth. As well as providing opportunities for strengthening individual and

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