Tool Share

Tools now available

To start this process of sharing tools we originally uploaded some basic and generic tools that may be useful for small to medium NGOs.  They can be adapted as required by individual organisations.  Since then, we have been adding tools that build on these resources, particularly including tools that assist organisations through the current reform process.  The intention is this will encourage the sector to share valuable tools that work for them. 

Included below are tools for Governance, WHS and Risk Management, Financial Management, Complaints Resolution, Client Services and Human Resources.  We have also recently added sections on Re-ablement and Enabling Approaches and Change Readiness. 

Please let us know what tools and templates you need that you haven't been able to access to date.  Also please forward any tools that you find useful that you would like to share with the sector. 

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with tools or requests.  If you are experiencing any problems with accessing these tools try using Internet Explorer as your browser.  Alternatively, please contact us and we can email the tools directly to you.

Change Readiness Tools

This recently added section of Tool Share includes tools that assist services adapt and align themselves with disability and aged care reforms into the future. 


Wellness, Reablement and Enabling Approaches Tools

This recently added section to Tool Share will provide tools that assist services to implement Wellness, Re-ablement and Enabling Approaches. 


Governance Tools

Here are a few governance tools that are particularly relevant for small to medium NGOs. We have also recently added tools here which assist with measuring social outcomes, which explore the legal implications of Consumer Directed Care and assist Boards with changes to Home Care Packages.  If you have any specific governance tools that you think would benefit the sector, please forward to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share on this website.


Financial and Unit Costing Tools

As we transition to consumer directed care and individualized funding, it is important to know the real cost, or unit cost, of delivering a service to your clients.  The ‘unit cost’ of a service is the cost, or expenditure incurred, in the provision of one unit of a service. 


Tool Share Project Overview

To assist HACC and CCSP services embrace changes and reforms in the aged care and disability sector, Western Sydney Community Forum has developed Tool Share.  It provides an easy and free online method for encouraging and supporting HACC / CCSP services to share useful tools across the sector.

Templates, pro-formas, checklists and other tools in the following areas would be particularly useful:

- Implementing Consumer Directed Care

- Implementing individualised funding

- Wellness / Enabling approach

- Tools to assist with consumer choice and control

- Complying with Home Care Standards, Disability Service Standards and other Quality Assurance requirements

- Sample policies and procedures relevant to the reforms

- Business and corporate tools

- Specific tools for individual services (eg. Community Transport)

Western Sydney Community Forum is developing new tools and templates over the next few months and will be uploading them here and encourage the sector to forward any tools or templates that they have found useful to share.

Please forward any tools or templates to, for uploading to this site.