Our Projects

Blacktown Energy Initiative

WSCF is working with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to identify and engage with leaders in the energy and sustainability space in Blacktown. We established the Blacktown Energy Initiative (BEI) Leadership Group in December 2016 to support collaboration opportunities to make Blacktown the leading place in NSW for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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Generation CommunitY

We are creating the next generation of industry leaders. Realise your potential in our leadership incubator, Generation CommunitY.

Does your organisation have a young person who has what it takes to become a great leader? The Generation CommunitY program provides an opportunity for emerging leaders to develop their leadership skills enabling them to transition into leadership roles and influence positive change.

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ZEST Awards

The ZEST Awards showcase excellence within the Community Sector of Greater Western Sydney. They also promote a positive image of the region, highlighting its human assets, diversity as well as the sectors creative and innovative work.

The Awards have celebrated almost 500 outstanding projects and individuals from our community across the past five years.

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Blueprint for Place Based Integrated Services

WSCF is leading the design of a blueprint for delivering place based integrated services across Western Sydney. The Blueprint emphasises client centricity, service coordination, and community, business and government sharing a common agenda. It will provide guidance for investment into robust structures that support a rapidly growing region with continuing social and economic priorities.

Organisational Readiness Bootcamp

WSCF recognises the challenges that reform brings.  The Bootcamp initiatives support agencies in the community services industry to navigate change, to take advantage of opportunities and to effectively respond within a complex environment.  It includes a series of adaptive leadership sessions across Western Sydney, specific how-to guides, and one on one support for agencies.

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Western Sydney Leaders’ Mixer

WSCF will be running several events throughout the year, providing members with the opportunity to connect with leaders from across Greater Western Sydney. By attending you can connect with influential people from business, government and community sectors in the region.

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On the 3rd of March 2015, WSCF launched its Innovation Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2015 to 2017.  We are now half-way through the process of implementing the RAP and are regularly reporting on our progress to date.

This RAP journey has been an important process for WSCF.  It has helped us to be accountable for our work towards our vision for a unified and thriving Greater Western Sydney that honours, respects and supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations.

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The Western Sydney Collective is business, community and government working together to create positive social impact in Western Sydney. The Western Sydney Collective is jointly convened by WSCF and NSW FACS.

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‘Hot Spots’ Transport Solutions

A transport ‘hot spot’ is a geographically disadvantaged area where a large number of communities who experience disadvantage reside. WSCF is leading a strategy charting emerging trends and seeking innovative solutions in the 2168 area, an outer urban area within the Liverpool LGA.

Would you like to discuss your community’s transport disadvantage needs and create a collaborative partnership strategy?

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WSCF hosts a series of breakfast conversations across Greater Western Sydney providing a collaborative platform to discuss social and cultural goals in the regional public policy debate. It also serves as an excellent networking opportunity for our stakeholders to connect over important issues, benefit from thought-provoking speakers and an opportunity to exchange ideas with peers and colleagues.

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WSCF has a proud tradition of offering quality development opportunities for individuals in the industry. We offer a range of masterclasses for our members at a subsidised rate.

Join our skilled facilitators to develop important, relevant skills for the current industry climate including marketing and branding, engaging with businesses and corporate partners, governance and utilising data.

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Stories to Solutions

WSCF are proud to present “From Stories to Solutions”, where we feature the insights and experiences of some of our previous ZEST Winners. It provides attendees with the opportunity to learn from some of the most effective community workers in Greater Western Sydney. They also have the opportunity to discuss this fresh knowledge and how they can put it into practice, both in their organisation and the wider community.

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WSCF convenes a number of Community Care Forums bringing together key and relevant stakeholders, leaders and service providers in the aged care and disability space. In these times of rapid changes and continuing reforms, the regional forums enable participants to get timely updates, share information, network, propose possible solutions, and have their say.

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The Future of the Targeted Earlier Intervention Program

WSCF is working with Government and Community Organisations to inform the future of the NSW Government’s Targeted Earlier Intervention Program. A leadership group made up of key industry representatives across Greater Western Sydney has been established to inform the reform directions and drive initiatives. Two industry led initiatives have commenced to build service system capacity, based on the recommendations generated from a roundtable process that engaged with over 270 key stakeholders.

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This initiative increases community awareness and builds capacity in the industry to respond to the abuse of older people.  Including strengthening local referral pathways, sharing good practice and improving access to quality training and resources. It consists of community sector and Government representatives in the Blue Mountains and is chaired by WSCF. Its most recent initiative involved organising a highly successful ‘Talking Elder Abuse Awareness’ Forum held in June 2016, as part of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

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Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue

WSCF is one of the key regional collaborators on the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue alongside Western Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) and Western Sydney University. The Dialogue encourages interaction between key influencers and opinion leaders in the region, to drive the public policy debate and support and promote the Western Sydney agenda through analysis and advocacy.

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Western Sydney Airport Alliance

WSCF is a founding member of the Western Sydney Airport Alliance along with the Western Sydney Business Chamber and Regional Development Australia. WSCF and the Alliance continually monitor the development of the Airport and its surrounding infrastructure to ensure Western Sydney becomes home to a world-class airport improving transport whilst also providing a social, cultural and economic boost for all in the region.

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Social Investment and Community Business Partnerships

Keeping up with the fast-paced growth of Western Sydney requires innovative thinking and business foresight. WSCF is a long standing leader in driving community-corporate engagement, through research partnerships, resource development and facilitating collaborative initiatives. Recent partners include Parramatta Council, Deloitte, and the Western Sydney Collective.

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Journeys to Safety

Journeys to Safety is a publication that will contain a collection of stories told from the unique perspective of affected women, focusing on their stories and their solutions – not the violence they have suffered. It is intended to inspire and inform other women experiencing violence and provide services and decision makers with valuable insights. To deliver this project, WSCF is working with Bonnie Support Services (lead agency), the Education Centre Against Violence, Western Sydney University, Parramatta City Council and Newpin.
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Macarthur Real Estate Engagement

The Macarthur Real Estate Project aims to support new and existing tenants of Real Estate agents to help prevent them from entering the homelessness service system. The project uses a collaborative approach to address the needs of those at risk of homelessness, using existing resources of the service system.  In the first 2 years of operation, the project saved almost 60 tenancies as well as an estimated $56,000 eviction costs and 1.1 million in potential loss of future earnings for landlords.

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Aboriginal Advancement Strategy – Baabayn Homework Club

WSCF auspices the Baabayn Homework Club in Mt Druitt supported through the Aboriginal Advancement Strategy.  The Homework Club is about the local Aboriginal community supporting local Aboriginal children in their school work and exploring scholarships and other opportunities in furthering their education.

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“Aged Care Roadmap” Interactive Learning Module

WSCF has produced a multimedia resource to support providers in preparing for the future. The Roadmap was developed by the Aged Care Sector Committee and endorsed by the Commonwealth Department of Health.  It outlines the views on what is needed to achieve a sustainable, consumer-driven and market-based system.

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