Generation CommunitY

Approximately 30% of our sector’s leaders will be retiring in the next 10 years. What difference will you make as a leader?

Generation CommunitY is your chance to develop key knowledge and leadership skills from market experts, helping you transition into leadership roles and to influence positive change.

Are you under 35 and want to take the next step in your career? Act now and shape your future as a leader.

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Our Program Days

The First Step

February 2021

The First Step

This session will guide you through some of the key concepts of the program and give you an opportunity to orient yourself. It will also focus on building your connection with other participants.

The Big Picture

March 2021

The Big Picture

This session will concentrate on broadening your knowledge of the systems that  influences the work we do. It will also provide you with the space to explore the roles that you will pick up with your organisation and how this affects your work.

Navigating change

April 2021

Navigating change

This session focuses on the complexities of change and the theories that underpin navigating it successfully. It will also introduce you to some tools you can utilise to lead change in a positive way.

Managing Conflict

May 2021

Managing Conflict

This session focuses on a vital part of leadership, negotiating positive outcomes during conflict. It will also give you the opportunity to reflect on your responses to conflict and the forms that conflict might take in your workplace.

The Tools of the Trade

June 2021

The Tools of the Trade

This session focuses on some of the tools that are crucial to leadership. You will have the chance to explore key practical skills during this session including, strategic decision making, financial management and diverse stakeholder management.

The Finish Line

July 2021

The Finish Line

This session will bring together the learnings from previous days. It will also allow the opportunity for you to reflect on the next steps of your leadership journey and the steps you will need to take to get there.

Our Team

Tom Nance

Program Lead

As a member of Generation Y, Tom is passionate about the future of communities in Greater Western Sydney and the role the industry will play in helping them thrive.

Tom has experience leading a broad range of initiatives and strategies including the ZEST Awards.

Charlton Wun

Logistics Coordinator

One of our emerging leaders, Charlton was one of the first participants of the Generation CommunitY program.

He has experience coordinating the details of a number of projects including WSCF’s Industry Led Initiatives.

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$750 + GST

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